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Perceptive viewers,welcome to another edition of Science and Spirituality.
Everything in the universe vibrates at different frequencies and as many spiritual and religious traditions teach, vibration is our core.
The cosmos is a huge orchestra in which every planet, every entity,even the tiniest particle,
plays its harmonious part. And on this vibrational level,everything is connected.
Since ancient times,music has played a vital role in bringing us  well-being and joy,reminding us of our very essence and of our own tune in the cosmos. Music creates resonance,
consonance, unity and harmony with all life. The Pythagoreans, or followers of the ancient
Greek philosopher Pythagoras, believed that all the planets in the heavens have their own melodies related to each other by musical intervals,while moving in symphonic orbits.
They called it the 『music of the spheres.』 The planets in our Solar System are closely interrelated with our lives. Some say they determine the unique vibrational frequency each of us possesses at the time of our birth.

In modern music therapy,trained practitioners are using planetary sounds that are replicated by tuning forks, singing bowls,chimes, gongs, etc. to facilitate their clients’ self-healing. The Stein Phonophorese Therapy Center,in Immenstadt, Germany offers Phonophorese
therapy, also known as sonopuncture, services as well as classes in the field.
The highly innovative Kosmoton vibration couch was developed there. This week we invite you to meet Anne Oberhofer,an experienced Phonophorese therapist at the Center who will
introduce to the fascinating music of the planetary spheres.
In this two-part program we will find out about some of the procedures done at the Stein Phonophorese Therapy Center that are designed to bring the body back into tune
with the universe through the use of physical vibrations and how the treatments constructively affect the health and spirits of the Center’s clients.

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