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Món ăn Giáng Sinh thuần chay không nấu: Món nhồi & Bánh táo (1/2)   Phần 2
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(For all ingredients, please use organic versions if available)
Raw Vegan Holiday Stuffing
⅓ cup macadamia nuts
⅓ cup sunflower seeds
⅓ cup raw pumpkin seeds, finely ground
⅓ cup green onion (3 onions), chopped
½ cup celery (2 stalks), chopped
1 cup brown mushrooms, diced and marinated in nama shoyu
3 tablespoons flax seed oil
¼ teaspoon sea salt
½ teaspoon black pepper
1½ teaspoons thyme
1½ teaspoon rosemary
2 small apples, diced

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