Northern Ireland’s Assembly votes to end hare coursing - 1 Jul 2010  
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Following a series of temporary bans to protect the endangered Irish hare, Assembly members Roy Beggs and Tom Elliott proposed a permanent ban on hare coursing, which is now being included in the Wildlife and Natural Environment Bill.

Commenting on the new measure, Assembly Member Beggs stated, “Catching a wild animal, keeping it in a cage and then releasing it in order that man can enjoy the chase of his greyhound... I am very uncomfortable with that use of wild animals."

The Northern Ireland Assembly in the United Kingdom is also looking at other proposals to improve protection of wildlife within the bill. 

We respectfully laud your efforts, Your Excellencies, on behalf of the endangered hare and other animals.
Blessed be all such legislation in protecting cherished co-inhabitants so they may continue to grace our Earth with their presence.
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